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Archive by month: 2013 / 5

  • Rapid Transit Now
  • Rapid Transit Now


    The City of Surrey is advocating a Light Rail Transit (LRT) network to link communities South of the Fraser. The population of Surrey is expected to grow by 50% over the next 30 years, so this addition will help shape the growth of the city.

    The City’s LRT vision includes three lines:

    1. City Centre to Guildford, along 104 Avenue, with a connection to Highway 1
    2. City Centre to Newton, along King George Boulevard, with the opportunity for extensions further south in the future
    3. City Centre to Langley, passing through Fleetwood along Fraser Highway


    Why LRT?

    • LRT is cost effective.
    • LRT is high quality: LRT provides a fast, quiet, smooth, and clean travel option that creates pedestrian oriented livable places at station locations.
    • LRT is flexible: City Centre is destined to be the region’s second downtown. An LRT network would connect City Centre to Surrey’s other town centres allowing expansion.
    • LRT has easily accessible cars that can carry a high volume of passengers.

    What do you think of the proposed LRT?
    Source Surrey.ca

  • Paired with Portico Design
  • Paired with Portico Design

    Advantage Guildford has paired with Portico Design Group to work on the interior spec for the building.
    We are very happy with where this is going, please have a look at some of the initial concepts below.

    Complete Colour Palette:

    Washroom colour palette:

    Hallway Carpeting:

    More to come later.  Let us know what you think!